Tifosy Exchange

The place for Tifosy members to sell and buy investments in professional sports from each other

The Tifosy Exchange

The Tifosy Exchange is where Tifosy members can trade securities purchased on Tifosy from one another. Operating as a noticeboard, the Tifosy Exchange allows members to express an interest to sell or buy eligible bonds and shares. Any transaction via the Tifosy Exchange is a direct sale between the buyer and the seller.

Tifosy Exchange Noticeboard

The Tifosy Exchange is currently closed. Trading cycles on the Tifosy Exchange will open for one week a month. To be notified, register Hier.

Wie funktioniert es

The Tifosy Exchange acts as a noticeboard allowing Tifosy members to express an interest to sell or to buy investments which were originally purchased on Tifosy. This means Tifosy members now have the option to convert their investments into early returns or to further invest outside of the original investment opportunity.

Trading Cycles on the Tifosy Exchange open for one week each month, starting on the first Monday at 13:00 and closing on the following Monday at 13:00. Buyers can only request to buy while the Tifosy Exchange is open. Sellers can request to sell at any time. Any transactions are a direct sale between the buyer and the seller. For the full terms and conditions and further details on how it works, please see the Tifosy Exchange Terms.

  • Interest to sell

    Select the shares or bonds you would like to list on the Tifosy Exchange by submitting a request to sell from within your portfolio. Specify the number of shares or bonds that you wish to sell and at what total price.

  • Listed on the Tifosy Exchange

    All shares and bonds that are eligible to be traded will be approved for listing on the Tifosy Exchange during the next trading cycle. If an eligible request to sell is submitted within a trading cycle, the shares or bonds may be listed immediately.

  • Interest to buy

    Visit the Tifosy Exchange during a trading cycle and select the shares or bonds that you are interested in acquiring.

  • Buyer/Seller agree terms

    Enter a direct dialogue to agree the terms of the transfer. Your dialogue will occur via the Tifosy platform. Once terms are agreed, notify Tifosy via the ‘Terms Agreed’ button within your Tifosy mailform.

  • Buyer completes

    You will be issued with a [transfer of ownership] contract reflecting the agreed terms. Digitally sign and return the contract to Tifosy and fund your Tifosy Investment Account to the full value of the agreed price.

  • Seller completes

    You will be issued with a [transfer of ownership] contract signed by the Buyer. Digitally-countersign and return the contract to Tifosy as final approval of the transfer.

  • Transfer executed

    The ball’s in your court. If you have bought, Tifosy will add the shares or bonds to your Portfolio together with any relevant investment certificate. If you have sold, Tifosy will transfer the proceeds from the transfer to your Tifosy Investment Account.