Pescara Calcio proudly represents its region, as the only team from Abruzzo to have reached the top league in Italian football. The club's story has been told over 80 years filled with incident and emotion, the beating heart of the community which unites people in a unique spirit of belonging.

Like all sports clubs, Pescara Calcio has gone through highs (such as the record-breaking season under Zeman) and lows, but thanks to the intervention of a group of local businessmen, led by Giuseppe De Cecco and Daniele Sebastiani, Pescara has managed once again to be a major player in Italian football.

The hard work has paid off, so much so that today Il Delfino is now considered to be one of the most respectable clubs in Italy, with careful planning for the future both from a sporting and infrastructure point of view. The club now wants to continue its journey through the Pescara Bond which represents a new chapter for Pescara Calcio.

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  •  The Pescara Bond will raise funds to invest in the development of the entire Delfino Pescara Training Centre
  •  The 5-year fixed-term Bond has a minimum target of €2,000,000
  •  Investors will receive 8% interest per annum, made up of 5% cash interest and 3% Club Credit to be spent on season and matchday tickets or club merchandise
  •  A one-off Promotion Bonus of 25% is payable if the club is promoted to Serie A within the 5 year term of the Bond
  •  Exclusive investor benefits include a day at the Delfino Pescara Training Centre and an all-inclusive trip to an away league game