Norwich City Football Club was founded in 1902 and is a proud, historic representative of Norfolk. A founding member of the Premier League, the club is instantly recognisable by its famous canary yellow jersey which its players have been sporting since 1907.

The Club's vision is to be an established Premier League club, driven by its proud, passionate football community. This vision is supported by a new strategy focusing on the development of players, and a new structure and personnel have been put in place. The next critical phase is to invest into the physical Academy infrastructure at Colney Training Ground, to continue to compete at the highest level and attract and develop the best youth talent for today and for the future.

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  •  The Canaries Bond will raise funds to invest in the development of the Academy facilities at Colney Training Ground.
  •  The 5-year fixed-term Bond has a target raise of £3,500,000, and a maximum of £5,000,000.
  •  Investors will receive 8% interest per annum, made up of 5% cash interest and 3% Club Credit to be spent on regular individual match tickets, hospitality, food & drink, merchandise and events.
  •  A one-off Promotion Bonus of 25% is payable if the club is promoted to the Premier League within the term of the Bond.
  •  Exclusive investor benefits include privileged access to Academy, Matchday Hospitality, and your name engraved on the Investors' Wall at the training ground.