We did it! Tifosy and Fulham FC raise over £100k for #Cohen66

“A legendary member of the Fulham family” – Fulham Chairman Shahid Khan

The opening quote sums up exactly why this campaign was started and following 3 months of fundraising Tifosy are delighted to announce that the £100,000 target for the #Cohen66 campaign has been achieved. Even more exciting is the news that not only did we hit our target, we topped it by nearly £10,000 with our final total standing at £109,676. Along with Gift Aid and Shahid Khan’s incredibly generous offer to match every pound, the total amount raised by the campaign was £231,024!

The #Cohen66 campaign was carried out in appreciation of 1966 World Cup winner George Cohen’s contributions to both club and country. Along with the World Cup win and 36 other caps for England, George is a Fulham legend; a one-club man playing 459 times for his beloved Cottagers. Bob Howes, chairman of the supporter led group who came up with the idea of honouring George, described him as “a true gentleman who has given so much to the supporters of Fulham, England and the world of football.” Having given so much to the game it was time to give something back.

The campaign had two main goals. First, raising money to erect a statue of George at Craven Cottage so that he will forever be a part of the club. Fulham hope that the statue will be unveiled in October 2016 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the World Cup win. Fulham Chairman Shahid Khan said: “It’s only appropriate that Mr. Cohen be celebrated and honoured here at Craven Cottage by the Club as well as our fans.”

The second goal was to raise money for dementia care. Through a partnership with The Sporting Memories Network the money will go towards improving the lives of people currently suffering with dementia and also to delaying the onset of the illness through preventative programmes. Having seen many of his teammates struggle with dementia this is a cause that means a great deal to George and one that Tifosy are proud to have been involved with.

The Tifosy campaign gave every fan a chance to get involved and we received an amazing response. Fans could contribute in a number of ways, from buying training days at Fulham or pictures in a commemorative programme to signed prints, wristbands and badges. However, in a show of just how much George Cohen means to football fans, by far the most popular contribution was towards having your name engraved on his statue at Craven Cottage for £1,000. From this alone £60,000 was raised!

Thanks to George Cohen and Fulham FC, The Sporting Memories Network and every single contributor. We can’t wait to see the statue standing tall outside The Cottage next season!

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