Auction's summary

BY Tifosy Team -

As a summary of all the auctions that have been done in UpgradeTheParade this far, we will list them and specify the winning bid:

Be on Bantams Banter - £241

James Hanson's 300th appearance match kit - £450

Reece Burke's boots - £360

Sign for Bradford - £511

Rory McArdle's match worn kit - £260

Meredith's match worn kit - £255

Be a co-commentator on Radio Pulse 1 on Matchday - £400

Play FIFA with the players - £200

Golf round with Darby - £260

Golf round with Hanson - £375

Shirt signed by squad, presented by Parky - £310

Be Kitman on Matchday - £225

Be on the City Gent cover as a cartoon - £81

Kyel Reid's match worn shirt - £225

Works of art of 4 players - £150

Proctor's match worn kit - £300

Parky's v-neck from game vs Doncaster - £200

Some auctions ended up not being paid by the winners, so we plan to repeat throughout the campaign.

Which ones were your favourite ones? Which ones would you like us to try and repeat? Please leave your comments below.

 We have many exciting auctions still coming up, so stay tuned! 

You can always see past auctions if you access the SOLD OUT tab at the start of the rewards ladder.



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