Mystery Fan engaging other Bantams

BY Tifosy Team -

A Bantam Mystery Fan has contributed £1,000 to the UpgradeTheParade campaign. He also wrote a message to engage other Bantams explaining why he felt that every fan should contribute to upgrade the parade. This is the message he wants to share: 

A Grand for the Stand

“When I heard about the Supporters Board plan to Upgrade the Parade, I thought it was a brilliant idea. It’s a way of making improvements that will help both players and fans without sacrificing the all-important first team budget. The new score board will be a great improvement, with all kinds of messages to keep us informed, celebrate family events and watch action replays during games. It’s also an investment that will give the club new income streams in the future through sponsorship and marketing.  The response by hundreds of City fans has been great so far. I wanted to do my bit, so I decided to dig into my savings to contribute £1000 – my grand for the stand.

At the same time, I would love the campaign to go forward to success, so I talked to the organisers about different ways to use my donation to help reach the target. They said the best thing was to buy five of the VIP match-day packages for £200 each, and offer these either for auction or as raffle prizes to spread the rewards around among fans. I  asked that one of the VIP packages should be auctioned on behalf of the Burns Unit. I’m really pleased that Tifosy has now set all this up on their website.  

I’m also issuing a bit of a challenge to other Bantams’ fans – and businesses - in the fortunate position to afford a grand for the stand. Let’s all get behind this. And talk to Tifosy and the club about how your £1000 can be used to add more value than a grand to the total fundraising effort.”

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