BY Bradford City FC and Tifosy Team -

With the new season approaching, Bradford City are delighted to confirm the successful completion of the essential dressing room upgrade.

The club has been heavily involved in the installation of the new LED screen which will replace the old scoreboard. Due to the close proximity of the site to the pitch and understanding that essential work to the playing surface had already been booked in at the end of last season, the site investigation work could only start once this was complete and those contractors had left site. These investigations, which have involved some 10 metre deep drilling, have found unstable ground which means the original foundation scheme cannot be implemented. This could not have been known without the initial testing.

The delays are a result of additional necessary work on the foundations for the new structure but we would like to re-assure all concerned that the project is simply delayed, not postponed. In fact having already paid for the screen it is close to being ready for delivery.

As has been well documented, the much needed new screen has been financed via a combination of crowd funding (via the Upgrade the Parade scheme), private sponsors and money directly from the club. The original plan was for installation prior to the season but given the thirteen week lead time for delivery the timescales were always ambitious. However as soon as planning permission was granted and the funds were secured, the club ordered the screen paying £60,000 as an advance so that work could start as quickly as possible. 

The deal agreed with ADI, the UK's market leader in the field includes a full package to supply, deliver and erect the new screen on site, including confirmation of the foundation works and production of steelwork and drawings.

Kristian Ball, ADI’s Business Development Manager commented “We’re incredibly excited to be installing Bradford City’s first stadium LED screen."

“We’ve been involved in the process from a very early stage – meeting with the club and fans throughout the fundraising campaign so we’re acutely aware of the importance of the investment. That’s why it’s vital that the installation of the new structure supporting the screen is carried out to the highest standards, without compromising fan safety. We’re working closely with the club and its contractors to ensure that the new screen and substantially reinforced concrete foundations are installed swiftly so that fans can enjoy the much anticipated big screen every match day.”

The dismantling work will not commence until after the first home game on Saturday 6th August to minimise any interruptions to the playing season, which of course has to be the primary concern. When firm installation dates are agreed we will provide a new update.


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