A New Chapter for our Club

A New Chapter for our Club

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€3,000,000 Maximum Raise
€2,000,000 minimum
8% per annum
5% Cash and 3% Club Credit
25% Promotion Bonus
One off, on promotion to Serie A
5 years

"Since becoming president, I have focused on two main objectives: first, to bring stability and sustainability to the football club, through careful management of the company activities in all areas, both on the sporting and administrative sides. The second concerns the club's long-term future, paying particular attention to the youth academy, scouting and infrastructure. This is why I would like to embark on this journey together with our fans – to develop the facilities to allow the club to grow, and to enable the fans greater access and involvement in the club’s activities in a space that is for their enjoyment too. Of course, the whole club and I believe this important, innovative and engaging project will be a huge success, and I invite you to participate in this new undertaking with the confidence we will deliver a result of which we will all be deeply proud!"

Daniele Sebastiani – President, Pescara Calcio

A new chapter for our club

Innovation and the pursuit of excellence: these are the values guiding Pescara Calcio’s infrastructure development project to improve and expand its training facilities with the objective of creating a state-of-the-art sporting centre, a modern hub for our athletes, staff, fans and the whole community.

Building top-class facilities not only for the first team but for everyone in the club is a fundamental part of what makes a quality professional set-up. By investing in infrastructure, Pescara will be able to improve its short-term performance as well as allowing the club to bring to life its plans for the future – including the scouting and youth development programmes, which have always been a source of strength at Pescara.

“We have made the decision to embark on this critical phase of growth, investing in our sports infrastructure, to help us to make a significant jump in quality"

Luca Leone – Sporting Director, Pescara Calcio

A new chapter - together

Following the initial investment already made into the training centre and scouting programmes, we want to continue the journey with a new chapter to bring about further growth for the club. Through the Pescara Bond, anyone can invest in the development and renovation of the Delfino Pescara Training Centre, in the future of the Pescara Calcio youth academy and in other areas to benefit players, fans and the whole community.

The funds raised will be used for:

  • Pescara Lab. A state-of-the-art sports, physiotherapy and medical rehabilitation centre. A sports medical "hub" for the entire region. The facility will be open to the public for diagnostic tests
  • Changing Rooms & Gym Facilities. These areas will be modernized with the construction of a new swimming pool.
  • Football Pitches. Renovation of our existing facilities as well as the creation of two new grass pitches.
  • Hub Building. A fully equipped new main structure, with dining facilities, a recreation room, a press room and a new home for Pescara's administrative offices.
  • Multi-Sport Facilities Open to the Public. Includes a mountain biking trail, three paddle courts and a swimming pool.
  • Youth Academy Campus. A new structure with accommodation facilities, a dining room, a multimedia room, a relaxation room and classrooms.
  • Scouting. A fundamental element for any football clubs to secure their footballing and financial health.


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A Club with a Vision for the Future

  • Pescara Calcio believes that investment in modern and innovative infrastructure will help to strengthen Pescara's long-term on-pitch results and provide value to the wider community.
  • For Pescara, the youth academy is one of the most critical ingredients for delivering results on the pitch: this is demonstrated by the potential shown by our current crop of youngsters such as Mirko Antonucci and Gaetano Monachello, as well as the likes of Edgar Elizalde and Francesco Galante who both broke into the First Team last season.
  • Pescara Calcio is one of a few Italian clubs to deliver consistent profits, thanks to excellent financial planning and management.

An Attractive Investment

  • Bondholders will receive an annual interest of 8% per annum (made up of 5% cash and 3% in club credit) and at the end of the 5 years the investor’s principal will be returned.
  • Since the current President Daniele Sebastiani has been at the helm, Pescara has achieved 2 promotions in Serie A in 5 years, an unprecedented result in the history of Pescara. In the event that Pescara are promoted to Serie A during the term of the bond, investors will receive a 25% Promotion Bonus on their investment.
  • Each investor will have access to exclusive privileges. These privileges increase depending on amount invested.

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