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Investi nella nostra casa, investi nel nostro futuro

Investi nella nostra casa, investi nel nostro futuro

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Maximum Raise
8% per annum
5% Cash and 3% Club Credit
5 years

“Fans are at the very core of everything we do. They are the most important part of any club. Whilst every club might say that, I hope our fans know it to be true. We have invested in the best talent, invested in infrastructure to deliver the greatest success on the pitch (such as the Sport City at Ferentino) and have just become one of only four clubs in Italy to own their stadium. Now we want to put fans at our core like never before. So, if you believe in this club, if you believe in this community, I encourage you to get involved – you will not be disappointed.”  Maurizio Stirpe, President Frosinone Calcio

A new stadium and a new chapter

Under the stewardship of President Maurizio Stirpe, Frosinone Calcio has enjoyed its most successful period on the pitch. That success has come from consistent investment in players, staff and infrastructure, most recently the incredible Stadio Benito Stirpe. This major investment in the club has seen Frosinone Calcio compete in Serie A for the first time in its history. And now, with the completion of the new stadium, the Club’s ownership and management are making a clear statement of intent for Frosinone’s future.

Building our home, together

With the unveiling of the Stadio Benito Stirpe announcing this new chapter in Frosinone Calcio’s history, the Club will continue to break new ground in the second phase of development with a first in Italian football. In a landmark move, Frosinone Calcio is inviting fans to invest in the Frosinone mini-bond, which seeks to raise €1,000,000 for the development of stadium facilities to benefit the team, the fan experience and the community. 

The money raised through the Frosinone mini-bond will support the development of multiple facilities in and around Stadio Benito Stirpe, including a state-of-the-art gym and locker room for the first team, development of the Frosinone Village (introducing shops and restaurants to make the Frosinone experience not just on matchdays) and a medical centre providing the best care for the players and for the local community.

In return for investment, investors will receive 8% interest per annum (5% cash interest + 3% Club Credit interest) in addition to truly unique investor privileges. 

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A historic Club with ambitious plans

  • Frosinone Calcio has enjoyed its most successful period on the pitch in recent years, including competing in Serie A for the first time in its history.
  • With consistent investment in the best talent, on and off the pitch, as well as in infrastructure, Frosinone Calcio is a club with great ambition.
  • As one of four clubs to own their stadium, Frosinone Calcio has an excellent platform on which to build an exciting future, competing with the very best.

A trusted owner committed to the Club and fans

  • Maurizio Stirpe has guided Frosinone Calcio from one of the most challenging moments in its history through to its most successful, demonstrating his dedication to the club.    
  • The President has put in place a management team that has transformed the Club’s financial position and governance.
  • Maurizio Stirpe has a proven track record of investing in Frosinone Calcio to deliver success on the pitch and ultimately benefit fans and community alike.

Competing at the top of Italian football

  • Football is more than just a sport in Italy, boasting one of the most successful legacies on the World, European and domestic stages.
  • With an incredible calibre of domestic football, Serie A’s media rights are now the fifth most valuable of any league in the world.
  • Promotion to Serie A would present Frosinone Calcio with a considerable increase to revenue from media rights alone.

Putting fans at the heart of the future

  • At its heart, this club has the ambition to create value for the fans and the entire community through sport.
  • The Frosinone mini-bond represents an opportunity for real financial return for investors, rewarding them for their support in the club they love.
  • Investing in the Frosinone mini-bond is not limited to fans, with members of the community, near and far, able to invest and deepen their relationship with the club. 

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