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Cookie Policy

Last updated 25th May 2018

This policy explains Tifosy’s use of cookies to provide, understand and improve our services.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data that are added and stored on devices by websites. Cookies are only accessible by the website that placed them there.

Why we use cookies?

Tifosy may set and access cookies on your device to identify the device and improve the quality of our services to you. Most of the cookies served whilst using our services will be issued by Tifosy, however in certain instances these may be issued by one of our trusted partners in order facilitate certain functions, for example payment or social sign-in.

How do cookies work?

When you visit, we will add a cookie to your device in order to recognise that device (not the person using it). Should the device return to the website at a later date, the cookie will help us recognise it and enable us to offer an optimised service.

Tifosy’s use of cookies
  • Administration & functionality: to administer our website, provide functionality and enable us to deliver our services.
  • Localisation: to identify what country you are accessing the website from, and present a localised experience – including presenting the website in the respective language.
  • Analytics: to understand and improve site usage, patterns and functionality
  • Social media: to make interacting with your social media accounts as easy as possible. Please note, the function of these cookies is purely to enable Tifosy’s website to register and validate you via your selected social media when registering, or to allow you to like Tifosy via your preferred social media via our website. Tifosy will never post anything on your behalf.
  • Marketing: to deliver targeted advertising via social media and other sites. This will most likely be for investments that you have demonstrated an interest in, however from time to time we may present investment opportunities we think you might be interest in.

Managing your cookies

Unless you have updated your browser or settings, your browser is likely to automatically accept cookies from websites. However, you can control this via your browser settings directly.

When using, you can use our cookie control panel to manage which cookies you are happy for us to add to your device – but remember, this will only apply to Tifosy cookies and not when visiting any other website.

Please note, if you reject certain cookies you will still be able to use our website services, however certain functionality and features of our site may be limited.

Third parties

We may present links to other websites on, however we are not responsible for any cookies (or other technologies) added to your device from these websites.