Sports investing for everyone

Connecting professional sports clubs to a global fan and investor base

Tifosy is the world’s first sports investment platform

We work with professional sports clubs to raise capital from millions of sports fans and investors. Through an entirely online, transparent and regulated process, anyone can now invest in sports.

Tifosy’s mission is to enable everyone to invest in sports in a fair and transparent way

By making an investment opportunity available through Tifosy, clubs can raise flexible finance while at the same time sports fans and investors can invest in professional sports for the first time.

Who we've worked with

Who we've worked with

What we do

Through the Tifosy platform, we provide clubs with comprehensive financial solutions, and fans the opportunity to invest in professional sports

For Clubs

Tifosy provides comprehensive financing solutions to professional sports clubs. Through Tifosy’s investment platform, clubs can issue equity (shares) or debt (bonds) and Tifosy’s team works with clubs to develop and implement solutions tailored to their specific financing needs.

As well as providing a financing solution, Tifosy provides clubs with the means to create significant engagement and develop valuable data. When a club launches an investment opportunity through Tifosy, it is made available to a huge audience of investors – both known and unknown to the club – which includes fans, retail investors, sponsors and institutional investors. All investors get to be part of the club’s future development.

For Fans & Investors

Until now, investing in professional sport has largely been reserved for billionaires. Now, through Tifosy, ordinary sports fans and investors can invest into professional sports clubs for the first time.

Tifosy is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and works with sports clubs across Europe to develop attractive investment opportunities that are open to anyone. We conduct due diligence on the clubs we work with and ensure that all investment opportunities are presented in a clear, fair and transparent way. Learn more about our due diligence process here.

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