Tifosy is a global sports investment platform

We work with professional sports clubs to raise capital from sports-focused retail, sophisticated and institutional investors globally. Through an online, transparent and regulated process, we simplify the capital raise process and go directly to the investor, also providing ISA investment and secondary market capabilities.

Who we've worked with
Who we've worked with

Our mission is to enable everyone to invest in sports

Tifosy is a global sports investment platform. We work with professional sports clubs to offer investors worldwide the opportunity to invest through our proprietary platform.

Investment opportunities on Tifosy are tailored specifically to the club’s financing needs, but are typically in the form of equity (shares) or debt (typically bonds or loans). Debt securities are eligible for investment through an Innovative Finance ISA for UK taxpayers.

We’ve designed the Tifosy investment process to be clear, simple and transparent, while ensuring prospective investors are certified according to Financial Conduct Authority requirements, and aware of risks so that informed investment decisions can be made.

Each investment opportunity is supported by an approved prospectus or offering document which provides detailed information on the issuer, the investment terms, and all relevant risks.

The investment process

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    You can setup your Tifosy profile any time, it couldn’t be simpler. All you need is your email address

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    Self-certification is a step required by the Financial Conduct Authority as it helps us understand your investor profile and history

  • Start investing

    You’re ready to invest! To hear about upcoming investments, make sure you’ve let us know you want to hear from us

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