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Connecting professional sports clubs to a global fan and investor base

What is Tifosy?

Tifosy is the world’s first and only authorised sports investment platform.

Tifosy provides professional clubs with access to capital from millions of fans and investors around the world. Through an entirely online and regulated process, anyone can now invest in sports.

Capital raises via Tifosy’s proprietary platform provide clubs with a flexible financing solution, whilst fans and investors are offered the opportunity to invest in a new asset class.

Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Tifosy acts as the club’s trusted advisor, combining the principles of investment banking with the practices of crowdinvesting. In a fair and transparent way.

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Through the Tifosy platform, we provide clubs with comprehensive financing solutions.

For clubs wanting to issue shares to fans and investors, we provide a fully-integrated platform including regulatory authorisation and investment/payment. Tifosy takes care of the full process (legal, financial, regulatory, marketing) and guides the club throughout the whole capital raise.

Debt (Mini-bonds)

For clubs wanting to issue debt to fans and investors, a sports mini-bond provides capital at favourable and flexible terms while offering investors attractive returns . Tifosy’s licensed platform and team of experts execute the issuance of a mini-bond flawlessly.


The most common type of crowdfunding, rewards campaigns are unregulated and recommended for clubs looking to raise smaller sums for more charitable projects.

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