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Tifosy helps sports clubs raise funds online by connecting them with a global fan and investor base

What is Tifosy?

As the world's first and only fully-authorised sports crowdfunding platform, our mission is to enable everyone to invest in sports, in a fair and transparent way. Through our proprietary platform, billions of sports fans around the world can invest in the professional clubs they are passionate about.

Tifosy is the clear market leader in sports crowdfunding, having worked with more than 15 major professional sports clubs. We offer fans and investors the opportunity to invest in sports clubs through equity, debt or rewards-based crowdfunding campaigns.

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We work with a large variety of clubs and tailor campaigns to meet the club’s specific needs.
Equity-based campaigns

For clubs wanting to issue shares to fans & investors, we provide a fully-integrated platform including regulatory authorisation and investment/payment. Tifosy takes care of the full process (legal, financial, regulatory, marketing) and guides the club professionally throughout the whole capital raise

Debt-based campaigns (Mini bonds)

For clubs wanting to borrow substantial debt from the fans and the public, a sports mini-bond provides capital at favourable rates while offering fans higher returns than typical high-street savings products. Tifosy’s licensed platform and team of experts execute the issuance of a mini-bond flawlessly

Reward-based campaigns

The most common type of crowdfunding, made famous through platforms such as Kickstarter and viral campaigns like the Pebble Watch. Rewards campaigns are unregulated and ideal for clubs raising smaller sums and wanting awareness and engagement amongst their loyal fan base

How it works
Discover clubs
Discover clubs

All campaigns on Tifosy are created together with the club and fully endorsed by them. These campaigns can be rewards-based or investment-based (equity or debt). Tifosy only launches campaigns that can be trusted by fans and investors, and ensures full transparency and accountability.

Invest in clubs

Select the club you are interested in. Read about their campaign and choose the amount you are willing to invest. In return for your contribution you can get money-can't-buy rewards and experiences (rewards-based campaigns), become an actual shareholder (equity-based campaigns) or receive an interest rate on a club loan (debt-based campaigns).

Invest in clubs
Make it happen
Make it happen

It’s important to share campaigns that you want to succeed with your friends and family. Encourage your network to participate to bring extra backers and funds to the campaign. This will ensure your club’s campaign will be as successful as possible.

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