About Tifosy

Support the club you love

Tifosy helps clubs raise funds online by connecting them with their global fanbase. Our mission is to enable everyone to support their club in a fair and transparent way. Some call it Crowdfunding. We call it Fanfunding.

Fans are the backbone of any sport. That is why at Tifosy we want to give fans the opportunity to influence the growth of their club and support it financially. Clubs have thousands and sometimes millions of passionate and loyal fans, who would love to help their club progress – and they can make a real impact. We believe that clubs who are willing to listen to their fans can realise amazing things and receive funding for projects that support their long-term growth.

We offer fans the following type of campaigns depending on the project and needs of the club:

  • Rewards campaigns: fans receive club-specific rewards in return for their contribution
  • Equity campaigns: fans can invest in their club and become actual shareholders
  • Mini-bond campaigns: fans can invest in their club through a small loan and receive an interest rate on their investment (with other potential club benefits)

Tifosy works hand-in-hand with your club to launch these exciting Fanfunding campaigns. Our specialist team comprising of experts from the sports, finance, marketing and tech industry is involved in every step of the campaign, from idea generation to campaign execution, delivering industry-leading success rates whilst adhering to the highest ethical standards.

Let's make Fanfunding happen at your club.