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We are setting out to make George Best: The Movie, the definitive story of one of the greatest footballers ever, and we want to involve you! Make a contribution to the movie budget and choose your amazing reward – from exclusive merchandise to being in the movie yourself!

The movie is fully endorsed and supported by George’s sister Barbara, and a percentage of profits will be donated to the Mary Peters Trust, which incorporated the George Best Foundation this March.

George Best hailed from humble beginnings, but was blessed with a prodigious talent which saw him named the greatest player ever by the likes of Pelé, as well as a personality and charisma which endeared him to the hearts of millions. Now, thanks to Tifosy, you can be a part of this story. We need your help to raise the budget needed to make the film – specifically to shoot footage of George as a young man (played by an actor) in Belfast.

“I think it will be fantastic, this film could be a sensation. Nobody’s ever made a film about a footballer…you’ve got Seve Ballesteros and golf, there’s a million films made about American football… nobody’sever made one about a football player. Pelé said he was the best player ever. That’s not a bad recommendation is it?”

Paddy Crerand - Manchester United 1963-1971



We meet George as a shy boy played by an actor, growing up and playing football on the streets of Cregagh, east Belfast. The top club scouts are dissuaded by his stick-thin physique until United’s Bob Bishop sees something in this scrawny youngster and takes a chance that his unique gift can conquer all. Bishop dials in a telegram to his manager Busby concisely reading: “I think I’ve found you a genius.”

Best arrives at Old Trafford and at 17 he makes his full professional debut for the Red Devils. From here, George himself takes over via key footballing moments, insightful interviews and previously unseen footage. Through the honesty of his own lips and the eyes of others, we will see George becoming entangled in the temptations of the Swinging Sixties as the first footballing rock star with a blistering soundtrack of sex, booze and colour. Despite the pressures and challenges he faces, George is grateful for the chance he was afforded to board this rollercoaster ride and showcase his dazzling genius.

With this film, we can now take that ride alongside him. 

“As soon as I saw him in training, I knew he was going to be a special talent. He’s the best player I’ve played against, certainly in this country without a doubt, so it will be interesting to see what sort of film they can make of him. I hope it’s a success…football supporters around the world would be interested in seeing it, so that makes this worthwhile.”          

Pat Jennings - Northern Ireland National Team 1964-1986  


Like every film, George Best: The Movie is starting out as an idea without a budget. In today’s ever more competitive film industry, even an exciting project like this one can struggle to get funded. So we have decided to get the fans involved, so that they could be part of telling the story of a legend. We want to make a movie George himself would have been proud of. So we’re offering everyone the chance to do their bit for the making of the movie, and in return to get closer to George than you’d ever think possible.

We’re starting out with a target of £500,000. The money raised will go towards making the live-action sequences of George’s early life growing up in east Belfast, playing football on the streets of the city and developing the talents which were to make him famous around the world.

Any money raised beyond the target will go towards the film as well – it will just mean an even better movie! So even if we do reach the target, you can still contribute!           


In exchange for your contribution to the movie, you can pick one of the amazing exclusive rewards listed on the right of the page. Here is just a small selection for you to choose from!

Red Devil T-Shirt worn by the very lovely Hayley McQueen from Sky Sports


Movie Poster

Update 16

Casting for George is going well!

BY Tifosy Team -

Producer Stephen Evans commented after Belfast casting: “We can’t reveal our George yet, but we will be able to soon." Follow us on Twitter @georgebestmovie for more updates on the movie and the campaign. To get involved in the campaign visit www.tifosy....Read More
Update 15

Cool new Red Devils T-shirt

BY Tifosy Team -

Check out the new George Best: The Movie Red Devil T-shirt. This new exclusive design has been prepared specially for this campaign and reflects George Best and his career in Manchester United! You can have it with a certificate of contribution and a screen...Read More
Update 14

Hayley McQueen models "Red Devil" T-shirt

BY Tifosy Team -

To get involved in the campaign visit www.tifosy.com/best and choose your reward!
Update 13

Contributions without credit card or online payment

BY Tifosy Team -

Don’t want to pay online? No credit card? You can still contribute!!      1)    Pay by Cheque. Please send a piece of paper stating your chosen reward, name & address and email or phone number + a cheque for the exact amount you wish to contribute, payabl...Read More
Update 12

Movie to donate to Mary Peters Trust

BY Tifosy Team -

Mary Peters Trust to receive share of movie profits At the launch event at Old Trafford, producer of George Best The Movie, Stephen Evans, announced that a share of the film’s creative profits will be donated to the Mary Peters Trust.   The Mary Peters T...Read More
Update 11

Paddy talks about George Best The Movie

BY Tifosy Team -

Paddy Crerand talks about the movie and how great that it's being made. He shared plenty of personal anecdotes with us at the launch event. In this video he speaks about George’s popularity overseas. To get involved in the campaign visit www.tifosy.com/b...Read More
Update 10

So many countries already!

BY Tifosy Team -

Supporters from the UK, Finland, France, Canada, Norway, Switzerland and USA have already contributed. What are YOU waiting for? To get involved in the campaign visit www.tifosy.com/best and choose your reward!
Update 9

52 Years...

BY Tifosy Team -

52 years ago to the day, George Best made his debut with Manchester United. You can commemorate this by contributing to the campaign and get this exclusive football! To get involved in the campaign visit www.tifosy.com/best and choose your reward!  
Update 8

Old Trafford launch a blast!

BY Tifosy Team -

It was a great evening at Old Trafford. Supporters, former players, the movie production team and all kinds of George Best fans met at the Evolution Suite and enjoyed a presentation of the movie and the campaign. Stephen Evans, producer of the movie, was in...Read More
Update 7

Big contribution just in

BY Tifosy Team -

A big contribution has come in to get us going! You can actually be an extra in the movie or even arrange a private screening with the filmmakers previous to the official movie release. Be a piece of movie history!  To get involved in the campaign visit ...Read More
Update 6

Hayley McQueen to host at Old Trafford

BY Tifosy Team -

Amazing news! Hayley McQueen has been announced to host our Launch Event at Old Trafford next week on the evening of September 9th. The Sky-Sports presenter and daughter of former Manchester United player Gordon McQueen has will launch the crowdfunding camp...Read More
Update 5

Belfast Launch a huge success!

BY Tifosy Team -

The launch event in Belfast was a huge success! Pete Snodden was a terrific host for the evening, being a Belfast native and big George Best fan. Here’s a picture of our host Pete Snodden together with Miss Ireland Sacha Livingstone and the movie director J...Read More
Update 4

Campaign Video launch!

BY Tifosy Team -

It’s here! The campaign video for George Best: The Movie has been released! Enjoy reliving some of his magic moments with commentaries by the producers and some of his old teammates such as Paddy Crerand or Pat Jennings. Check out the video and contribute t...Read More
Update 3

Be in the Movie!!!

BY Tifosy Team -

Be part of telling the story of a legend! You can even be an extra in the movie and play a part in a scene of the movie. The producers will need to shoot several scenes with a number of extras and it is your chance to shine on the Silver Screen. If you don’...Read More
Update 2

Red Carpet Premiere Tickets!

BY Tifosy Team -

The crowdfunding campaign will include exclusive rewards such as tickets for the London or Belfast Premiere. These events will be held during late 2016 or early 2017 and will include a red carpet entrance and attending the premiere showings of George Best: ...Read More
Update 1

Pete Snodden to host Belfast launch!

BY Tifosy Team -

Pete Snodden has just been announced as the host for the first launch event of the campaign to be held at the majestic venue of The Titanic Belfast on the evening of September 3rd. George’s hometown is the perfect place to launch the crowdfunding campaign t...Read More
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