As the world's first and only fully-authorised sports crowdfunding platform, our mission is to enable everyone to invest in sports, in a fair and transparent way. Through our proprietary platform, billions of sports fans around the world can invest in the professional clubs they are passionate about.

Tifosy is the clear market leader in sports crowdfunding, having worked with more than 15 major professional sports clubs and raising more than £1m. We are now scaling up our operations by providing fans with the unique opportunity to invest in sports clubs through equity or debt. These campaigns are much larger and we have secured a promising pipeline with several multi-million campaigns across different sports and markets in Europe.

Tifosy is disrupting the sports industry by providing clubs, fans and investors a truly unique digital solution. And with our rapid expansion, this is the perfect time to come onboard and support our growth.

Questions for the Team?

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  • Tifosy is the only fully FCA-authorised sports crowdfunding platform in the world 
  • Founded by Fausto Zanetton (tech, media & sports specialist at Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs) and Gianluca Vialli (Chelsea / Juventus / Sampdoria legend)
  • Tifosy connects two hugely popular and fast-growing industries -  professional sports (> 4Bn fans) and crowdfunding (> $450Bn revenues)
  • After becoming the undisputed market leader in rewards-based crowdfunding, we are now offering fans and investors the unique opportunity to invest in much larger equity and debt campaigns
  • Based in London, we are expanding rapidly into other countries and investing heavily into our platform and legal/tech infrastructure