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A Premier League transfer tax would have generated over £750m in the last 5 years

The 10% tax on Premier League player transfers proposed in the fan-led review of football would have generated £776m if implemented over the last five seasons. If distributed to the EFL, this annual levy of £155m on average would represent a 14% uplift to the aggregate revenues of the 72 clubs, based on 2018/19 turnover.

Proceeds from the levy would have been highest in 2017/18, when Manchester City would have been taxed £28.6m and Chelsea £23.4m. By contrast, Burnley would have paid only £13.0m over the five year period.

Significant pushback to the proposed levy is expected from the Premier League and its member clubs. The implementation of any such tax would very likely have an impact on player transfer fees and could put further pressure on the fees charged by intermediaries.