Sports investing for everyone

Connecting professional sports clubs to a global fan and investor base

Tifosy is the world’s first and only authorised sports investment platform

We work with professional sports clubs to raise capital from millions of fans and investors around the world. Through an entirely online, transparent and regulated process, anyone can now invest in sports.

Our mission is to enable everyone to invest in sports in a fair and transparent way

Tifosy capital raises provide clubs with a flexible financing solution, whilst sports fans and ordinary investors are offered the opportunity to invest in professional sports for the first time.

Who we've worked with

Who we've worked with

What we do

Through the Tifosy platform, we provide clubs with comprehensive financial solutions, and fans the opportunity to invest in professional sports

For Clubs

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and able to work with clubs throughout Europe, only Tifosy provides professional clubs with access to capital from millions of sport investors around the world.

We provide comprehensive financing solutions allowing clubs to issue equity (shares) or debt (mini-bonds, which offer flexible terms and attractive returns). Tifosy acts as the club’s advisor throughout the whole capital raise process, structuring and marketing the offer to capture maximum value and engagement from the investor base.

For Fans & Investors

Until now, investing in professional sport has largely been a hobby for billionaires. Now, through Tifosy, ordinary fans and investors can invest into professional clubs for the first time.

Tifosy works with sports clubs across Europe to develop attractive investment opportunities that are open to anyone. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, we ensure these offerings are presented in a clear, fair and transparent way: learn more about our due diligence process here

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