La nostra Missione è quella di consentire a tutti di supportare il proprio club in modo equo e trasparente

Cos’è Tifosy?

Tifosy aiuta i club a raccogliere fondi on-line connettendoli con la propria fan base a livello globale. Noi lo chiamiamo FanFunding.

I tifosi sono la spina dorsale di qualsiasi sport, non importa se tifano il club più grande del mondo o una piccola squadra locale. Noi di Tifosy crediamo che i tifosi debbano avere una voce nella gestione del club, per far in modo che le decisioni vengano prese a favore del club, dei tifosi e della comunità.









Perché Tifosy?

Ecco perché vogliamo dare a tutti l’opportunità di influenzare la crescita del proprio club supportandolo economicamente. Le società sportive hanno migliaia, a volte milioni di sostenitori fedeli ed appassionati pronti a fare la differenza dimostrando il loro supporto a favore della crescita del club che amano. Noi di Tifosy crediamo fortemente che i club disposti ad ascoltare i loro tifosi possano realizzare cose incredibili.

Portiamo il FanFunding nel tuo club!

Crediamo fortemente che i tifosi possono realizzare cose incredibili

Tifosy ha sede a Londra, Regno Unito. Amiamo il mondo dello sport e viviamo il nostro lavoro in modo appassionato. Ogni giorno, ci impegniamo a connettere i club con qualsiasi parte del mondo.

Fausto Zanetton
Founder and CEO
Gianluca Vialli
Geoff Tidey
Co-founder, CTO
James Pollock
Co-founder, CMO and Head of UK
Nicola Verdun
Head of Italy/Spain
Natacha Tannous
Head of Germany/France
Tommy Aylmer
Chief Legal Officer
Alex Kossmann
Head of Finance & Analytics

Join our team

Tifosy will only consider very enthusiastic, self-motivated, creative, independent and super detail-oriented people, who are deeply passionate about sports, media and technology and see this as a great opportunity to make a real impact within an ambitious industry-changing start-up.

Frontend Developer

We're an exciting, new team building a product that will change the way that Sport clubs will raise money. We're looking for a frontend developer to help take us to new heights of UX heaven. You must be reasonably confident with:
  • Pair Programming
  • Javascript & jQuery (Backbone.js, Angular, Ember or something similar)
  • TDD (Jasmine)
  • Object oriented design
  • HTML 5 (& maybe a bit of SVG?)
  • Mobile, tablet & desktop design
  • Responsive CSS & SASS
  • Wireframing
  • Photoshop (or an equivalent tool)

You must be a strong communicator with a passion for growing your skills, tackling interesting work and challenging problems. Maybe you're interested in D3.js or app development?

A love of sport will see you right at home in our organisation.

No recruiters please.

Junior Ruby on Rails Developer

We're an exciting, new team building a product that will change the way that Sport clubs will raise money. We're looking for a junior full-stack Rails developer to join our squad. You must be relatively knowledgeable of:
  • TDD (particularly with RSpec and Capybara)
  • Responsive CSS & SASS
  • Javascript (Backbone.js)
  • Relational databases (PostgreSQL)
  • Object oriented design
  • Git and Github

You must be a strong communicator with a passion for growing your skills, tackling interesting work and challenging problems.

A love of sport will see you right at home in our organisation.

No recruiters please.

Graphic Designer / Video Producer

Description of role
  • Design engaging creative communication content including social media graphics, website & email banners and upselling/promotional sales graphics.
  • Script/storyboard, film and edit engaging video content to use as main campaign film, club social media content, and Tifosy promotional content.
  • Working closely with social & marketing teams to ensure brand guidelines are followed precisely and best practices are followed.
  • Create content based on a rapid, high quality turnaround to ensure maximum growth and engagement.
  • Ensure content is of a consistently high standard.
  • Assist with campaigns on social media.
Skills required
  • Naturally creative with excellent design skills
  • Proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign
  • Able to film independently whilst tightly following a given brief. Creative flair whilst filming as well as ability to capture interviews.
  • Knowledge of video editing software such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills
  • You live and breathe the internet and social media
  • Experience of working in a sporting environment a big advantage!

When applying please provide a portfolio highlighting a variety of your work.

Tifosy nelle news

Sei della stampa?
Gianluca Vialli: 'Crowdfunding in football clubs will be the norm in 10 years' time'
The Telegraph, 11th October 2017

“Football has been everything to me,” Gianluca Vialli says. “I bought my first house, my first car, because of football. More importantly I had sex for the first time because of football - otherwise I would still be a virgin!”

Borrowing Peter Crouch’s famous, self-deprecating line ...

Gianluca Vialli: ‘I look out for things that are going to make football a better game’
the guardian, 9th September 2017

The former Chelsea striker and manager has cofounded a company that is looking to strengthen the ties between fans and clubs through crowdfunding

“We Italians need to feel like we’re under pressure, we need to see an enemy,” ...

Gianluca Vialli launches crowdfunding campaign for sports finance
Financial Times, 7th September 2017
Former star footballer Gianluca Vialli is looking to strengthen ties between fans and clubs, seeking funding for a venture that aims to tap the growing trend of sports teams using alternative ways to bolster their finances by looking to supporters.
Own your club's stand or build the training ground: Vialli is helping fans invest safely in their clubs, 13th October 2017

The former Italy striker has entered the unlikely world of football finance and is already impacting a host of big-name clubs with his new project

Gianluca Vialli has traded goals with Chelsea, Juventus and Italy for Silicon Valley-style start up, Tifosy, which is aiming to give football fans an opportunity to invest in their clubs.

Tifosy, la piattaforma di crowdfunding per il calcio di Vialli e del banker Zanetton
Calcio e Finanza, 23rd September 2017
Prosegue la crescita di Tifosy, la piattaforma di crowdfunding per finanziare le società di calcio, lanciata dall’ex calciatore della Sampdoria e della Juventus, Gianluca Vialli, assieme a Fausto Zanetton, ex banchiere di Goldman Sachs e Morgan Stanley specializzato in investimenti nel mondo dello sport e dei media.
Vialli si lancia nel crowdfunding. Per investire nello sport
Milano Finanza, 8th September 2017
Il crowdfunding è la nuova avventura di Gianluca Vialli. L’ex centravanti di Sampdoria, Juventus e Chelsea è uno dei fondatori di Tifosy, una società di crowdfunding nata ufficialmente nel 2015 che permetterà a singoli individui di investire nei club di calcio ...
Ex-atacante Gianluca Vialli cria portal de crowdfunding do esporte
Maquina Do Esporte, 12th September 2017

Ídolo italiano dos anos 80 e 90 acredita que projeto pode ajudar esporte mundial

O ex-atacante italiano Gianluca Vialli se tornou o símbolo de uma nova ideia (que não é tão nova assim) no mundo do esporte. Ele colocou em prática um projeto de crowdfunding do esporte.

Vialli si veste da uomo d'affari per aiutare le piccole squadre
Il Giornale, 9th September 2017

Gianluca Vialli fa goal anche con l'equity crowdfunding, ovvero vendendo azioni di una start up, la sua.

L'ex bomber ha lanciato lunedì una campagna da un milione di sterline che, in pochi giorni, è già quasi sold out nonostante l'investimento richiesto...

Decolla il crowdfunding di Vialli: “Facciamo diventare i tifosi veri partner dei club che amano”
Media Gol, 9th September 2017
Risultati molto positivi per l’ultima intuizione dell’ex allenatore del Chelsea: Tifosy permette ai supporter di investire nella loro squadra del cuore. La start up vale già più di 10 milioni di sterline e ha coinvolto club come Parma, Carpi, Frosinone, Coventry e Fulham.
sportsvibe, 29th August 2017

Campaign launched in partnership with Tifosy, the world’s first professional sports crowdfunding platform, hits target three weeks early, heralding a new era for professional sports investment

The first ever mini-bond in English football, ...

Crowdfunding buzz, 8th September 2017

La piattaforma inglese di reward ed equity crowdfunding fondata dall’ex attaccante ha lanciato una campagna di equity crowdfunding su sé stessa. Obiettivo £1 milione

Tifosy, piattaforma di reward ed equity crowdfunding interamente dedicata allo sport, ...

Tifosy Launches Fan Investment Platform
Sport Industry Group, 8th September 2017

Fully licensed sports crowdfunding platform, Tifosy, co-founded by former player and manager Gianluca Vialli, is creating a new asset class by allowing fans to become investors in their clubs.

Tifosy is an online platform which connects clubs with a global community of fans and investors. It will ...

Vialli pitches crowdfunding scheme, 8th September 2017
We recently reported on the success of Stevenage in raising funds for a new stand through a mini-bond, even though the cluib has a wealthy owner. This was done through Tifosy which claims to be 'the only fully authorised sports crowdfunding platform' after being approved by the Financial Conduct Authority
GOOOOAAAL! Fanfunding Platform Tifosy Pitches £1M Equity Raise & Offers Pro Sports Club Investments
Crowdfund Insider, 8th September 2017
Tifosy, a sports crowdfunding platform co-founded by former Italian footballer and manager GianLuca Vialli and CEO Fausto Zanetton, a former investment banker/ sports, media and tech specialist from Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, aims to spearhead “a sports finance ...
Gianluca Vialli lancia una campagna di crowdfunding per la finanza sportiva
Il Sole 24 Ore, 7th September 2017
L'ex star del calcio Gianluca Vialli sta cercando di rafforzare i legami tra tifosi e club, cercando finanziamenti per un' iniziativa che mira a sfruttare il crescente trend delle squadre sportive che usano modi alternativi per sostenere le loro finanze con un occhio ai tifosi.
Stevenage FC’s ‘shoulder to shoulder’ new stand crowdfunding campaign succeeds, in English Football League first
The Comet, 25th August 2017
The campaign for the club’s Lamex Stadium, launched alongside the Tifosy fanfunding platform co-founded by Chelsea and Italy legend Gianluca Vialli, attracted hundreds of backers...
Introducing Tifosy, the frontier of fan funding in football
Vice Sports, 21st September 2016
When it comes to finding the money to survive, let alone thrive, there are plenty of football clubs that struggle on a week-by-week basis. These aren't generally Premier League or Championship outfits, though there are a good few of those whose chairmen would welcome a bit of extra cash.
Sports look for new tactics to raise cash from fans
Financial Times, 24th May 2015
Portsmouth Football Club needed a new place for young players to train. Lancashire Cricket Club wanted to build a hotel on its ground. Surfers in Bristol hoped to dig a huge artificial lake in a field outside the city. They all turned to fans for the money.
Portsmouth au participatif présent
L'Équipe, 11th June 2014
Racheté par ses fans en 2013 après une dégringolade en D4, Portsmouth compte sur le financement participatif (crowdfunding) pour poser les bases de son futur centre de formation. La collecte de dons a débuté mardi via Tifosy, une plateforme 100% foot co-créée par un Français de Londres.
Tifosy: Building Your Club's Future Through Fanfunding
In modern football, the game isn’t only on the pitch. Clubs need to build themselves into successful businesses, and meet the needs of fans too. And to achieve those things, clubs need funding to develop their infrastructure – for example ...
Work on Pompey fan-funded pitches set to start
Portsmouth News, 11th February 2016
Back in August 2014, supporters raised £270,000 to construct two Academy pitches at the Copnor Road venue. Organised through Tifosy, 5,494 different funders contributed to the three-month campaign, exceeding all expectations.
Your guide to City's #UpgradeTheParade campaign – and how to get involved
Bradford News, 10th March 2016
CITY'S Upgrade the Parade campaign was launched by Chelsea legend Gianluca Vialli last month to great fanfare – but what is it all about? Here's your guide to the initiative. What is fan-funding and who are Tifosy? Fan-funding works ...
Lega Serie B, Lampedusa: un nuovo campo sportivo per l'integrazione
La Gazzetta, 8th July 2016
Le 22 squadre cadette, assieme a B Solidale Onlus e i fondi raccolti da, realizzeranno la nuova struttura. Per abbattere paure, barriere e diffidenze bisogna conoscersi, e un buon modo per conoscersi è giocare insieme: da qui nasce l'idea di costruire ...
Web Summit. O que vem cá fazer esta gente do desporto?
Observador, 6th November 2016
Luís Figo, Rui Costa, Bruno de Carvalho, Patrícia Mamona, Tiago Pires, Ronaldinho Gaúcho, Louis Saha, Mathieu Flamini, atletas olímpicos e muitos outros estarão por cá a pensar o futuro do desporto.
Basket, accordo Lega-'Tifosy': i fan potranno sostenere attivamente i club di Serie A
La, 2nd March 2017
Tramite il Fan Funding - orientato da progetti trasparenti della Lega - i tifosi potranno investire in progetti volti a migliorare le infrastrutture della propria squadra del cuore: 'Le società hanno il dovere di diventare imprese di successo, per questo hanno necessità di ottenere finanziamenti continui' ha dichiarato il presidente Bianchi. Si parte con Varese e Brescia

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