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Are the returns on my investments taxable?

Returns, including cash and cash alternatives, may be subject to tax and your liability to tax will depend on your personal circumstances.

Interest paid on the bonds will be subject to the withholding tax of the Issuer’s jurisdiction and will be deducted at source unless held in an Innovative Finance ISA or paid to a corporate entity.

Investors who sell or receive returns on any shares they hold may also be subject to Capital Gains Tax.

In all cases, it is your responsibility to report any investment returns received on your tax return as appropriate and pay or reclaim any tax that may be due. If you are not normally subject to tax under the tax authority of where you are resident, you may be entitled to reclaim any tax withheld from your tax authority.

Tifosy does not provide tax advice and no statement or information contained on the Tifosy platform or within communications should be considered as such. 

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